🎤 Poetry Slam Web Apps
Optimized for Mobile
Keeps track of time, handles scoring and scoresheet
For judges at a poetry slam to easily display their scores to the host/scorekeeper
What is a poetry slam?
Poetry slam is a competition of spoken word. More Info...

People perform original spoken work, no props, no costumes, no music. 3 minute time limit.

5 judges are picked and score each performance from 0 to 10, decimals encouraged. The highest and lowest scores are dropped, leaving a possible "perfect score" of 30.

Typically, the performers with the top 3 scores get a prize of some sort. Some slams have multiple "rounds" or "bouts" to determine the finalists.
What is the purpose of these web apps?
If you are hosting a poetry slam, you will probably find that the SlamScore app is significantly faster than manual scoring. The interface is designed for efficient input, and clarity of results. No longer will you have to take a pause to retabulate scores because someone forgot how to do the math! At the end of your slam or at the end of a round you can easily see the ranking of performers and export/print the scoresheet for your archives.

Additionally, you may find the SlamJudge app is easier/faster than having to manage dry-erase boards, flip boards, and other methods commonly used for judges to display their scores simultenously.
What is the price for using these web apps?
There is currently no upfront price. If you appreciate the work that has gone into these poetry slam web apps, then consider Making a Donation ($10 USD Suggested)
Where can I find a poetry slam near me?
  • Google Events - International - Search for local poetry slam events
  • OpenMikes.org - USA and Canada - Recurring poetry slams and open mics
  • NewZealandPoetrySlam.com - New Zealand
  • PoetrySociety.org.uk - United Kingdom - Upcoming poetry events and slams

    Know of other poetry slam lists? Drop a line at the contact page.
Where can I report bugs, file feature requests, etc.
If you run into a bug or have a great idea for ways to improve these web apps, write a message at the Contact Page