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Problem: Many businesses and events provide directions to their location by linking to Google Maps. But we'd like to open these locations in Apple Maps instead.

Solution: ReMap Safari Extension easily extracts locations and directions from these mapping websites and sends it to Apple Maps.

How it Works:

When a link can be redirected to Apple Maps, the ReMap logo will appear next to the cursor. Click to open in Apple Maps. To avoid ReMapping a link, hold down any modifier key while clicking (command, shift, etc.)

Sample Links:
Google HQ on Bing Maps    Apple HQ on Google Maps


The toolbar button indicates when a page can be sent to Apple Maps.

Designed for Safari 12 / Safari 13 or later on macOS 10.14 or later. Supports remapping of Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, Here Maps, Yandex, etc.

Note that some features - such as multiple waypoints - are not translated when opening in Apple Maps. Websites may change without notice and become incompatible with ReMap.