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Hover your mouse over images and links to enlarge them. Preview videos and websites without opening new tabs. A brief description is displayed with a preview when available.

Choose between Automatic and Manual Zoom modes. If automatic mode doesn't zoom a link or image, you can still engage manual mode with the keyboard shortcut.

Types of Enhanced Content:
• Thumbnail Images
• Links to image galleries
• Links to videos services
• Direct links to images & videos
• Links to any website

Click the toolbar button to open the Page Overview. This shows images and links HoverSee detects as being zoomable.

Hold the Alt/Option key while clicking the toolbar button to open HoverSee settings.

Important Notice to users upgrading from "HoverSee Safari Extension":

HoverSee for Safari 4.0 is a major rewrite of the older HoverSee Safari Extension 3.0. Future releases will strive to implement more of the legacy feature set, including importing of the settings.

It is highly recommended to manually backup the legacy settings before upgrading, so they can be imported in a future release.

How to backup your settings from "HoverSee Safari Extension":
  1. Go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > HoverSee 3.0 > Click the checkbox labeled "Click Here to Open Settings"
  2. At the "HoverSee Safari Extension" settings page, go to the Advanced section, and click "Export Settings", save the settings in a safe place for future use

Designed for Safari 12 / Safari 13 or later on macOS 10.14 or later