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Click the toolbar item to Stop/Restart the timer.

Check the Preferences for Activity Reminder and other options.
If enabled, the Activity Reminder will help you stay on-task.

Here are the changes in the latest version:

  • WebWatch 1.0.5 Nov 5 2010
  • Activity Reminder is now shown within pages instead of using a model dialog.
  • Clicking the Toolbar Button now serves to Stop/Restart the timer, you can revert to the previous Restart-only behavior in the Preferences
  • Preferences - Tweaked some wording to be more clear
  • Bug in Activity Reminder preferences
  • WebWatch 1.0.2 September 5 2010
  • Added preference for resetting timer on Safari Launch (defaults to true)
    (See Safari Preferences>Extensions>WebWatch>Auto Reset)
  • WebWatch 1.0 August 1 2010
  • Initial Release