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Here are the changes in the latest version:

    Translate 2.1.1July 11, 2018
  • Fix: Improved handling of responses from translation services
  • Fix: Preferred "from" language was not being respected by Snippet Translation
    Translate 2.1June 22, 2018
  • New: Can define the source language for a page or a whole website, useful when Auto Detect is incorrect or unable to determine the language
  • New: Setting to choose a "Preferred Service Region" for Google services (e.g. instead of
  • New: Option to Export/Import settings for easy transfer to another machine
  • Updated: Added more services to snippet translation
  • Updated: Improved domain management for Auto Translate's Always/Never filters
  • Updated: Language selection menus are now translated into more languages
  • Updated: Microsoft Translate is now the default full page Translation service for new instals
  • Updated: Improved layout of settings page
  • Fix: Snippet Translation share menu would sometimes erroneously truncate snippet text
  • Fix: Snippet services not reflecting the languages set in snippet floater
  • Fix: Google Translate wouldn't start for some language combinations
  • Removed: Human Translation affiliates
  • Known Issue: Google Translate will ignore user language preferences. Solution: Use Microsoft Translate.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
    Translate 2.0.1Aug 17, 2017
  • New: Setting to allow Automatic Translation of Private Tabs (Default: Off)
  • Updated: Snippet Translation improved, added more translator services
  • Fix: Can manually start translation in Private Tabs
  • Fix: Problems with keyboard shortcut on some systems
    Translate 2.0Aug 4, 2017
  • New: Optional Automatic Translation – starts translation if page language is different than the preferred language
  • New: Ability to Translate Selected Text – via shortcut, context menu, or toolbar button
  • New: Optional Keyboard Shortcut to toggle translation — defaults to Command-Option-T
  • New: Yandex.Translate added for translating HTTP pages — access by long-pressing the toolbar button
  • New: "Translate To" defaults to "System Language"
  • New: All-new Settings and Help page, with option to translate the page into your system language
  • New: Many snippet translation services added for translating short pieces of text — available in the toolbar button menu
  • New: Toolbar button has improved icon to better indicate translation state, and improved menu — click & hold to access menu
  • New: Language selection menus are now localized
  • Fix: Context Menu functions properly on background pages/windows
  • Fix: If "Page Modification" setting enabled, no longer reloads page when toggling full page translation
    Translate 1.2.1Nov 20, 2015
  • New: Can toggle translation on/off, toolbar icon changes to reflect when Translation is enabled
  • Fix: Translation of secure pages has been restored
  • Fix: "Translate To" language choice now applies to Microsoft Translate when "Allow Translation of Secure Pages" is enabled
  • Fix: AutoTranslate reliability improved. Allowing you to more seamlessly browse after starting Translation for the current tab. Note that links you open in new tabs will not be automatically translated.
  • Known Issue: Facebook won't translate due to security policy, this is being looked into
    Translate 1.2Oct 29 2015
  • New: "Allow Translation of Secure Pages" now applies to both Google and Microsoft translation services, works with the "Open in New Tab" options, and will try to automatically translate as you click links within the translated tab
  • Fix: Google Translate again works on secure pages
  • Updated: New Logo
  • Updated: Toolbar menu, new icon for Toolbar button
  • Updated: Defaults to Google Translate (for new installs)
  • Known Issue: The "Translate To/From" language settings won't apply when "Allow Translation of Secure Pages" is enabled.
    Translate 1.1.1July 20 2014
  • Updated: Updated list of languages, with (G) for Google exclusives and (B) for Bing exclusives
    Translate 1.1Nov 24 2013
  • New: Added Microsoft Translate (Note: Works only on HTTP)
  • New: Setting to allow Google Translate on HTTPS pages
  • New: Menu added to toolbar button
  • New: Now uses HTML5 Web Notification API for updates
  • Fix: Issues with handling background pages
    Translate 1.0.7Aug 18 2013
  • New: Retina Ready toolbar icons
  • New: New Logo
    Translate 1.0.6Dec 14 2011
  • New: Optional Contextual-Menu Entry
    Translate 1.0.5May 20 2011
  • New: Optional In-Page Translation
    Safari Preferences ▸ Extensions ▸ Translate ▸ Open in: Current Tab (In-Page)
  • New: Option to set a default source language