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    HoverSee 2.1Nov 29, 2016
  • Sites:,,,,,, iTunes Store, Google Play, Google Maps, and more
  • "Autoplay Videos" setting, with options to "Mute Video" and "Unmute when Maximizing"

  • Update
  • Maximize view: More options under Image Tools menu
  • Sites: Facebook, YouTube,,, and more

  • Fixed
  • Maximized view: Click-to-zoom now scrolls to proper region
  • Maximized view: Image Tools menu, search result counts were broken for some search engines and image hosts
  • Maximized view: "Partial Maximize" bug solved (finally!)
    HoverSee 2.0Feb 27, 2016
  • New look and all-new Settings page
  • Sites: (if logged in), videos, Amazon and Alibaba product pages,,, and more
  • "Mark as Viewed" can now Add to History (look in Settings)
  • Image Search menu loads hit counts. Now includes Yandex, ImgOps, Picozu.
  • "QuickLoad Previews" feature for faster initial display of linked images or videos
  • Ability to rotate zoomed images (use up/down arrow keys)
  • Toolbar button includes menu with quick access to modify whitelist & blacklist

  • Updated
  • Improved zooming of videos and animated images (.GIF,.GIFV)
  • Sites:,,,,,, and more

  • Fixed
  • Maximized view: scrolling would break after flipping through an album
  • Maximized view: captions would push image past the viewable area
  • Now display captions during loading
  • Behavior of Blacklist & Whitelist tweaked to eliminate false positives
    HoverSee 1.9.3Aug 1, 2015
  • Sites:,,,,,,, and more
  • Some Library Catalog systems added. Suggest a Library
  • Reverse Image Search menu in upper right of Maximize view (Press Shift key)

  • Updated
  • Page Summary, improved thumbnail detection (Press Opt/Alt & Space bar)
  • Hover orientation, now always chooses largest view
  • Sites:,,,, and others

  • Fixed
  • Conflict with Reddit Enhancement Suite
    HoverSee 1.9.2March 27, 2015
  • New Loading animation now matches the OS X native look
  • New Zoom links to,,,,
  • Fix: Support for gfycat and some other links restored
  • Fix: Issue with "Retina Overload" not activating as it should
  • Fix: Welcome Page bug. (Was opening on every Safari launch for some users)
  • Updated: Hide Viewer when scrolling the page
  • Updated: Website Previews feature now requests thumbnails for the specific link, no longer one preview for the entire website
  • Updated: - no more attempted zooming of non-photo links, also added support for links
  • Updated: Removed "Aggressive Detection" mode. It caused more unwanted zooming than anything.
    HoverSee 1.9.1Feb 16, 2015
  • New Optional "Feedback via Contextual Menu". Right click on elements which you think should be zooming and let Side Tree Software know. (Disabled by Default)
  • Fix: Wikipedia previews now load properly, and only when "Website Previews" is enabled in the settings
  • Fix: Other bug fixes and improvements
    HoverSee 1.9Feb 8, 2015
  • New Rebranded as "HoverSee" to reduce confusion with the Chrome Extension "HoverZoom" which has seen some controversy
  • New Huge improvement to the optional Website Preview feature (Enable it in the settings under Zoom Links To...). It now functions by polling the linked page for a preview image and description before resorting to external website thumbnail services.
  • New: Sites: IMdb, DailyMotion, LiveLeak
  • Updated: All new improved loading animation. Look at it spin!
  • Updated: Support for more types of YouTube links
  • Reduced flicker of "animated" previews
  • Removed unreliable "Show Loading Errors" option.
  • Work-around GfyCat "Pulp Fiction" bug with Amazon images
    HoverZoom 1.8Nov 10, 2014
  • New Sites:,,
  • New Option to Mark Links as Viewed when zooming (may use additional bandwidth, won't work with all sites)
  • New: Added support for Imgur's "GIFV"
  • Fix: Gfycat and GIFV animations continue playing in fullscreen view
  • Images from xkcd, Gfycat, and other sites would sometimes hide after zooming
    HoverZoom 1.7.1June 4, 2014
  • New Sites:
  • Fix for users on OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" beta
    HoverZoom 1.7May 4, 2014
  • Update: Sites:,,,
  • New: Sites:,,,,,,
  • New: Can now hide zoom by holding modifier key
  • New: Domain whitelist
  • New: Animated Previews for
  • New: Option for "Faster .GIF Loading" via
  • Update: Caption length now limited
    HoverZoom 1.6Feb 14, 2014
  • New: Update Notifications via HTML5
    (Safari 6, OS X 10.8)
  • New: Minimum Zoom setting to hide zoom if image isn't as large as we'd like
  • New: Optional Website Previews
    (Provided by,, and
    • New: Sites:,,,,,,,,,, and more
    • New: Galleries at World Heritage List
    • New: Zoom links to,
    • Fix: Now hides zoomed image if it's identical in size to the image we're mousing over
    • Fix: Links now resize properly when zooming the Page Summary
    • Update: Various Imgur link types
    • Update: and other Time, Inc. websites
    • Update: Settings layout is now cleaner
    • Update: Higher quality YouTube previews
    • Update: Tumblr Archive Pages (
      HoverZoom 1.5May 11, 2013
    • (,
    • Support links to image galleries on and (Use arrow keys to navigate, Option-Space to see all images in the gallery)
    • Support links to photo pages on Flickr
    • Viewer now resizes as soon as possible instead of waiting for loading to complete
    • Various tweaks and fixes
      HoverZoom 1.4.1Jan 27, 2013
    • Conflict with some fullscreen content (YouTube/Vimeo videos, etc)
    • Other Bug Fixes
      HoverZoom 1.4Dec 23, 2012
    • Retina display support
    • "Retina Overload" experimental option to improve the appearance of websites on Retina displays.
    • Esc key when HoverZoom has focus no longer interferes with Safari's fullscreen
    • Facebook, Tumblr, and more...
      HoverZoom 1.3.3October 14 2012
    • Support for "Archive" pages
    • Improved thumbnail detection in Page Summary
      HoverZoom 1.3.2July 20 2012
    • Added option to hide Maximize upon hotkey release or by pressing it again
    • Improved Page Summary link thumbnail detection
    • Fixed Flickr
      HoverZoom 1.3.1June 27 2012
    • Updated for Facebook changes which broke HoverZoom
    • "Page Summary" detection improved
      HoverZoom 1.3June 8 2012
    • Can set Zoom Delay to "None"
    • "Page Summary" feature now detects more zoomable elements, such as text links ("HoverZoom Summary" in right-click menu)
    • Overhauled "Maximize" feature, now has magnifier for large images (hold Shift to Maximize)
    • Time Inc. websites (,,,, )
    • Bug with QuickMeme links on search engines not zoomable
    • Bug with some WordPress Images
      HoverZoom 1.2.11May 5 2012
    • Added Google, Bing, Yahoo, and
    • Also added,,,,
    • Facebook
      HoverZoom 1.2.10April 7 2012
    •,, Fotolog,,,
    • Facebook, OkCupid
      HoverZoom 1.2.9December 21 2011
    • Numerous minor fixes and optimizations
      HoverZoom 1.2.8November 9 2011
    • Better Tumblr support
    • New Sites:,,,, and more
      HoverZoom 1.2.7October 7 2011
    • New Sites:, Google+,, and others
    • Fixes for Facebook redesign
      HoverZoom 1.2.6September 13 2011
    • More sites supported, fixed bugs with others
      HoverZoom 1.2.5August 9 2011
    • "Fullsize" option in the Page Summary's size selector
    • More sites supported, fixed bugs with others
    • Again detects when image source is larger than the size it's being displayed at (this broke at some point)
      HoverZoom 1.2.1May 10 2011
    • Support for LiveJournal Galleries
    • Support for,,,
      HoverZoom 1.2March 23 2011
    • Page Summary - Shows all the images on the page that can be zoomed (activate via optional toolbar button, contextual menu, or the default shortcut alt-space)
    • Support data-src tag (used on MySpace)
    • Added
    • Viewer not hiding as it should in some circumstances
    • Viewer showing when the image could not be zoomed
    • Updated support for,, and other sites
      HoverZoom 1.1.13Feb 17 2011
    • Supports sites in the AOL Network:,,,, and more
    • Supports,
    • Hovering under content on some pages
    • Detection problems on some sites
      HoverZoom 1.1.12Jan 10 2011
    • Optional setting to do more aggressive detection of zoomable images, may be prone to false positives and unexpected results. (Off by Default)
    • Various bug fixes for specific sites (Facebook and others)
      HoverZoom 1.1.11Dec 18 2010
    • support
    • Incorrectly ignored some types of linked images
    • Better detects larger images in some circumstances
      HoverZoom 1.1.10November 6 2010
    • Correct placement on pages with special CSS features applied
    • OkCupid, Facebook, YouTube previews
      HoverZoom 1.1.9October 26 2010
    • Support for secure sites (HTTPS)
    • Support for,
    • Viewer showing incorrectly when the page was zoomed out (View▸Zoom Out)
    • Viewer now hides on mouse click events (Should fix usability issues on some sites with interactive images)
    •, Facebook (HTTPS)
      HoverZoom 1.1.8September 27 2010
    • Setting "Hold for Zoom" to require holding a modifier key to initiate zoom
    • Setting "Hold for Maximize" to define a modifier key to hold in order to maximize and center the current zoom (Defaults to Shift. Previously was hard-coded to use Control.)
      HoverZoom 1.1.7September 7 2010
    • Domain blacklist to selectively disable HoverZoom
    • Much stricter image detection avoids more loading errors
    • Support for,
    • Facebook support
      HoverZoom 1.1.6August 30 2010
    • Show loading progress
    • Option to show when loading errors occur (previously the viewer would simply hide)
    • An unintended data request was being fired every time the viewer was hidden
    • Various bug fixes
    • Facebook, better support for older images
      HoverZoom 1.1.5August 29 2010
    • Settings for Delay Time and Zooming Links
    • Can zoom linked images (ie, text linking directly to a .jpg, .png, .gif)
    • support
    • Caption text erroneously picking up some of the page's text settings
    • Changes to
      HoverZoom 1.1August 16 2010
    • Holding the Control key will freeze the viewer on the current image and center it as large as possible on the page
    • Hitting the Esc key will hide the viewer once it has appeared
    •,, C|NET ( and some sites they own
    • Works in Facebook Photo Albums due to more dynamic parsing of content (now looks at parent nodes and background images)
    • Improved responsiveness, reduced update "jitter" as mouse moves
    • HoverZoom now disables its self for images being viewed individually (in their own tab/window)
    • Randomized injected content IDs to reduce possibility of conflicts