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Welcome to HoverSee

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Quick Start Guide
• Hover your mouse over photos to zoom.
(Maximize zoomed image by holding Shift)

• See all zoomable images on the Page Overview.
Accessable via right-click, keyboard shortcut (alt-space), or the optional toolbar button.

• See the Preferences for Blacklist and other options.

If there's a site you'd like to see supported, click the Contact link at the bottom of the page!

HoverSee has been rewritten for Safari 12 and later: HoverSee for Safari

Here are the changes in the latest version:

    HoverSee 3.0Mar 26, 2018

    Summary: The core behavior of HoverSee has been overhauled.Automatic Zoom is more granular and you can Manually Zoom whenever you wish. See the settings for new options.

  • Separated shortcuts for hiding Automatic Zoom and showing Manual Zoom
  • Blacklist and Whitelist settings now apply only to Automatic Zoom, allowing you to control which sites have automatic zoom, while still being able to engage Manual Zoom when you want
  • Ability to modify which website links trigger Auto Zoom
  • Keyboard shortcuts to Download or Open in New Tab. (Configurable)
  • Can Export/Import HoverSee settings for easy transfer to another machine

  • Updated
  • Maximize view: More options under Image Tools menu
  • Sites:,,,,,,, and more
  • Consolidated zoom settings into "Automatic" and "Manual" categories

  • Fixed
  • Zooming in background windows now prevented by default. (Configurable)

  • Removed
  • "Retina Overload" feature, was too buggy
  • "Faster .GIF Zooming" feature, may return in a future release

  • Known Issues
  • If links and other videos won't respect HoverSee's autoplay setting, check Safari's Autoplay settings: Safari > Preferences > Websites > Auto-Play
  • If links won't load: Users need to login to, go to and ensure that "Media Previews" is set to "Don't auto-expand media previews on comments pages"