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Search via: • Search Bar, or...
• Right-click contextual menu, or...
• User-configurable buttons in the toolbar.

Toggle Search Bar: • Type the key combo (Option-F), or...
• Click the toolbar button

How to Edit Search Engines: Click "Open CustomSearch Entry Editor" at the bottom of the CustomSearch settings in the Extensions section of Safari's Preferences

Change Search Bar shortcut and more in Safari▸Preferences▸Extensions▸CustomSearch

Rewritten for Safari 13 and later: CustomSearch for Safari

Here are the changes in the latest version:

    CustomSearch 1.4.2March 31 2015
  • Update: If a search entry title starts with "Send" or "Search", CustomSearch will no longer prepend "Send Page to" or "Search" to the title
  • Update: Improvements to the CustomSearch popover accessed via the toolbar, auto-selection of search entries is now disabled if you use arrow keys to select a search entry, search field more obviously shows focus
  • Fix: Couldn't open settings page if front tab was a local page
  • Fix: Issue with last search entry not being able to be used as the override for Safari's search
    CustomSearch 1.4.1Aug 8 2014
  • Fix: Search defaults not persisting across Safari sessions
  • Fix: Issues on the settings page
  • Fix: Misc. issues
    CustomSearch 1.4Nov 24 2013
  • New: (Safari 6+) Keyword searches from Safari's Address Bar
            - e.g. Type amazon; iPod to search for iPod,
                 wiki; Babe Ruth to search Wikipedia for Babe Ruth
  • New: (Safari 6+) "Search this Site" - In Safari's Address Bar type ; or : followed by your query, then press return. It's a great way to search websites without having to hunt for their search box.
  • New: (Safari 6+) You can now set your own Default Search to be used instead of Safari's
  • New: (Safari 5.1+) Toolbar button has an all-new popover menu with integrated search field
  • New: Entry Editor can now be opened directly from the settings pane (Safari Preferences ▸ Extensions ▸ CustomSearch ▸ Open CustomSearch Entry Editor)
    CustomSearch 1.3.2Nov 27 2012
  • New: Updated for Safari 6 & Retina display
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes
    CustomSearch 1.3Oct 18 2011
  • New: Unlimited Search Entries! Have as many or as few as you want.
  • Update: Various improvements to the Entry Editor making it easier to use.
  • Update: Moved "Debug Variables" setting to Entry Editor
    CustomSearch 1.2.2December 11 2010
  • Fix: Stricter filtering of search bar shortcut, to avoid clashing with menu shortcuts.
    CustomSearch 1.2.1November 28 2010
  • Fix: Bug in assigning tooltips to toolbar buttons
  • Fix: Bug in the default Wikipedia search
    CustomSearch 1.2November 16 2010

    This release brings a number of big changes on the back end to support more robust future functionality. Make sure to read through the changes below and familiarize yourself with the new Search Bar and the Entry Editor.

  • New: In-Page Search Bar, with keyed searches ("wiki Tomato" to search Wikipedia for example), customizable hotkey to display the search bar (default is Option-F)
  • New: Editing of search entries has been moved to the all-new Entry Editor, accessible from the new Search Bar.
  • New: To reduce clutter in the View▸Customize Toolbar dialog , there are now just 4 CustomSearch toolbar buttons. You can choose which Search Entries are assigned to these buttons by going to the Entry Editor and changing the value of the Button setting.
  • New: Supports javascript:, mailto: and any other arbitrary URI scheme in search URLs
  • New: Optional 'Debug Variables' entry to help in creating your own search entries
  • New: URI variable #TEXT_OR_URL#
  • Update: There are now 24 search entry positions. Plans for add/remove functionality (and thusly no limit on entry count) are in place for a future release.
  • Update: Now hides entries from the contextual menu which use variables whose content isn't available (such as an entry that needs #TEXT#, when no text is selected)
  • Fix: URI variable #URL# was getting the wrong value when right-clicking links
    CustomSearch 1.1July 26 2010
  • New: Upped max searches from 8 to 16
  • New: Inline variables for inserting selected text and page/image URLs into the search. You can now use CustomSearch to search as well as share URLs!
  • Update: Simplified Settings pane. Old settings will be imported on first run.
  • Update: Default searches enabled: Wikipedia, Amazon, TinEye
  • Update: Default "share" entries: Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr (these items start at entry 9 to avoid conflict with searches from previous versions)
  • Fix: Bug in the default Wikipedia search entry.
    CustomSearch 1.0.2June 13 2010
  • New: Added Icon for Preferences
  • New: Upped max number of searches from 4 to 8
  • Update: Contextual Menu Items only appear when there's a text selection
  • Update: Improved Toolbar Item behavior for empty searches