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AlterVideo Safari Extension
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Open pages will need to be reloaded in order to use your newly installed extension.
Make sure to instal the Perian QuickTime Plugin for full Flash Video (FLV/F4V) playback support.

AlterVideo forces flash/embedded movies to use the HTML5 Video player when possible.

AlterVideo is currently designed to work in a generic manner,
detecting and loading videos when possible without support for specific sites.

YouTube users should instal the excellent 3rd party YouTube5 Safari Extension

Here are the changes in the latest version:

  • AlterVideo 1.1.2 April 8 2012
  • Optional AutoPlay Setting ( Enable it via Safari Preferences ▸ Extensions ▸ AlterVideo )
  • More reliable detection on some sites
  • AlterVideo 1.1 January 2 2012
  • Supports altering multiple videos per page
  • Right-click on altered videos to "Un-AlterVideo" or "Close Video" (if floating)
  • Detecting some resources as videos when they obviously weren't (.flv.html fix)
  • Potential infinite loop during detection
  • Now works inside frames as well
  • Changes to detect more videos
  • AlterVideo 1.0.1 September 13 2011
  • Better detection of player location when user doesn't have Flash installed
  • Stopped the endless reload on Facebook videos (Facebook videos are broken for now)
  • Detecting some resources as videos when they obviously weren't
  • Display issues with Fullscreen in some versions of Safari
  • AlterVideo 1.0 March 24 2011
  • Initial release
  • Note: Facebook Videos work on the videos page, they may be broken elsewhere.

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