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    Billboard 2.0 beta 2Oct 2, 2018
  • Registration bugs
  • Radio stream track display
  • Sharing window was crashing
    Billboard 2.02018 public beta testing

    Billboard 2.0 is a partial rewrite, some features have changed or been removed

  • New Logo
  • 64bit
  • Minimum OS X 10.9, iTunes 12
  • Retina
  • Modern Fullscreen behavior
  • Can control volumes of AirPlay devices
  • Optional "Web Remote" to control Billboard via web browser
    (Enable it via Preferences > Network > Web Remote)

  • Updated
  • Fresh new User Interface, light and dark views, all new Music Genre images
  • Preferences: Consolidated a few settings, removed obsolete options
  • Improved Handling of Radio Streams

  • Removed
  • Support for Apple IR Remote
  • Genius interface as it no longer works
  • Various extraneous settings

  • Known Issues
  • In Progress: "Web Remote" is very basic at this time
  • In Progress: Rewriting interactions with iTunes Library, some Browser/Sidebar results currently not as expected, non-Music items not currently supported (ex. Podcasts)
  • Star ratings are displayed but Like/Dislike are not yet supported
  • Problems pulling correct album art for some Apple Music tracks
    Billboard 1.3August 26 2012
  • Partial rewrite of Display Engine for improved performance (Note: Some "advanced" Presentation options removed as a result)
  • Onscreen keyboard for users of Apple IR Remote and touch screens
  • Browser now lists unchecked songs, added optional "Show List Checkboxes" setting to Browser
  • iTunes Genius, experimental support. Apple IR Remote users can activate Genius by holding the center button when the Browser is closed.
  • Radio now uses iTunes Store as an additional provider of artwork / track info (Previously only used Amazon)
  • Smooth scrolling in Browser/Info, both now support PgUp/PgDn/Home/End
  • Browser has smarter caching of album art & icons for better performance
  • Browser has more Genre images/detectors
  • Tunelinks menu, fixed MySpace search, added Bandcamp search
  • Apple IR Remote again works under OS X 10.7 and later, and now wakes screen when being used
  • Properly handles "Music" Library playlist
  • Numerous other bug fixes and minor improvements
    Billboard 1.2.5November 18 2011
  • Album Art for radio streams downloads properly again! (Amazon made some changes)
  • Radio: Work-around bugs in iTunes 10.4 and later mishandling some stations and/or crashing
  • "Start iTunes" link in Browser wouldn't hide in some situations
  • Kiosk Mode: Billboard will now come to front if another app tries to steal focus
  • Better handling of empty Playlists
  • Improved behavior of "Locate Song"
  • Improved Browser behavior when playing content in Podcasts and iTunes U playlists
  • Browser now does a better job keeping in sync with playlists (ie, when add/remove tracks in iTunes DJ)
  • Amazon/iTunes search buttons are now only shown for radio streams
  • Display the current "Genius Mix" playlist when available
  • Volume slider now scales and hides properly
    Billboard 1.2December 30 2010
  • Support for Apple IR Remote
  • Rendering issues
  • Other Improvements
    Billboard 1.1.4December 10 2010
  • Browser scrolls long text
  • Browser sometimes not listing "Radio" when it should have
  • Player position getting out of sync with iTunes in some situations
  • Problem adding Radio station to "My Favorites" from the "Last 10 Stations" list
  • Other minor improvements
    Billboard 1.1.3November 21 2010
  • If Browser is open on startup, locate the current track (disable in Preferences>Advanced)
  • Larger maximum scale (View>Scale)
  • Browser: Current Track auto-scroll now keeps highlighted track centered in the list
  • Slow loading of high-res album art
  • Other minor bugs
    Billboard 1.1.2October 24 2010
  • Improved Browser's scroll behavior to better support inertial scrolling, also now shows alphabet overlay when scrolling fast
  • Periodic startup crash on some systems
  • Crash when quitting on some systems
  • Problem with settings/caches being stored in the wrong location on some systems
  • Problem with Virtual DJ not resettings iTunes' volume after announcements on some systems
  • Browser: Improvements to behavior of Search field, filtering now includes artist field
  • Problems installing optional "Open Billboard" item in the iTunes Script Menu on some systems
  • Added Tuenti.com to websites in the Share dialog
    Billboard 1.1June 6 2010
  • Lyrics and Episode Description support (with optional Lyrics Autoscroll)
  • Ability to create a playlist of all tracks that have lyrics filled in (File>Build Lyrics Playlist)
  • Browser received a minor overhaul, with numerous improvements and changes in behavior
  • Control iTunes' EQ (File>EQ)
  • Entering Kiosk mode will automatically switch iTunes playback to the "Add To" playlist, if the Browser is enabled (see Preferences>Kiosk)
  • "Solid Tags" option for maximum readability at a distance (see Preferences>Presentation)
  • Streamlined interface in several areas, removed some obsolete settings and combined others
  • Fullscreen settings now completely handled by View menu
  • Removed CGprivate transitions due to stability/reliability issues
  • Numerous bug fixes
    Billboard 1.0.5April 7 2010
  • Interface now more responsive while loading album art
  • More detailed settings for Kiosk Mode
  • Additional Presentation options
  • Added Autofill button to Purchase window
  • Added Tumblr and Bebo to Share services
  • Add support for changes in iTunes 9.1
  • Improved interaction with Star Rating control
  • Now the Software Update Check will not happen while in Kiosk mode
  • Improved support for RadioParadise.com - including pulling album art and leaving ratings
  • Fixes and improvements to Browser and Kiosk Mode
  • Changed trial period from 30 days to 15 days of unrestricted use before purchase is required
    Billboard 1.0Dec 23 2009 - Exited Public Beta
  • New Kiosk authentication mechanism, asks to define a kiosk password. This is so you can allow others to enter/exit Kiosk Mode without telling them your system password.
  • Can Import/Export Radio Favorites and Tunemarks
  • Optional "Single-Click" mode for Browser
  • Browser: Grid View, adjustable width/height, other improvements and fixes
  • Command-Arrow playback shortcuts
  • Contextual menu for browser (show in itunes, etc)
  • Tunelinks menus> Share
  • File>Rating menu
  • Support for RadioParadise.com's user supplied song ratings
  • Should fix spurious crashes related to Browser rendering
  • Correctly highlights current playing song when there are multiple entries for the same track
  • Artists listing now ignores preceding "The" when sorting
  • Global library search no longer incorrectly switches to filter mode
  • Several improvements and fixes for the Radio browser
  • Should fix issue with album art erroneously coming up blank in some situations when there was actually album art in iTunes
  • Some features being disabled [which shouldn't be] when iTunes is paused
  • Some transition types not rendering
  • Better handling of unexpected scenarios which caused crashing
  • Problems exporting PNG album art