Billboard 2.0 beta
Release Notes

Lastest beta built on: October 02 2018
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30MB, version 2.0 beta

$19.95 (USD)

macOS 10.9 or later,
iTunes 12.x or later

Archived Billboard 1.x homepage

Notice: macOS 10.15 "Catalina" replaces iTunes with a new Music app. The current Billboard release is not compatible. Work is ongoing to release an update to resolve this.

Billboard is the "10 foot user interface" for iTunes. Simple, elegant, and readable at a distance. Perfect for DJing parties, hanging out with friends, or just lounging around the house.

Billboard Screenshot

Easily view the lyrics of your favorite songs, as well as episode descriptions included in podcasts and tv shows. Don't have lyrics? Simply click to search for lyrics on Google, then drop them in to apply.

Billboard Screenshot with Lyrics on screen

Remote Control
Control Billboard from across the room or around the house using any mobile device with the all new Web Remote feature.

A Tune-Up for Internet Radio
Browse stations by genre. Search listings, or click the play button on a genre to listen to a random station. Billboard seamlessly downloads album artwork, playtimes, and more when listening to Internet Radio* stations.

Billboard Screenshot with Radio listings

View It Your Way
Keep Billboard in the corner of your desktop in window mode, or switch to fullscreen. Place it on a second monitor and have a nice view of your music while you work.

Your Personal DJ...
If you'd like to know what you're listening to without being in sight of your computer, turn on Virtual DJ and recent tracks will be announced for you.
Billboard Screenshot with Virtual DJ settings

Music History
Take a quick trip to the Last 10 menu and find out more information about the music you've recently heard from Internet Radio or your own library.

Party with Peace of Mind
Using Kiosk mode you can let your guests have a hand in picking the music, without handing them unfettered access to your computer.
Billboard Screenshot with Kiosk settings

* Album art and extended song information for Internet Radio, not available for all radio streams and/or songs.

Receive an even more in-depth experience when tuning-in to the following radio streams in iTunes:,,