Spotlight Activators are small utilities accessed via the Spotlight menu of OS X.

OS X 10.6 or later required.
To Install
1. Download 2. Open & Authorize
3. Spotlight (Command-Space)

Finder Activator


1.0 - 160kb

Suggested: $5

  Easily activate the Finder via Spotlight
Command-Space, S A F, Return. You're in Safari.

Command-Space, P R E, Return. You're in Preview.

Command-Space, F I N ... You stare at the screen wondering why the Finder isn't listed.
The wait is over. With Finder Activator installed you can finally launch & activate the Finder via the Spotlight menu!

Finder logo ™ and © Apple Inc.

Desktop Activator


1.0 - 45kb

Suggested: $5

  Easily activate the Desktop via Spotlight
Command-Space, D E S K, Return. You're at the Desktop.
Desktop Activator quickly gets you to the desktop and hides all other apps.


Quit All Apps


1.0 - 66kb

Suggested: $5

  Easily quit everything via Spotlight
Command-Space, Q U I T, Return. You're back to a fresh system.
Quickly exit every program in the Dock and return to the Finder.